1. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a wp? no way!

    I did indeedy, its been soooooo long since I even tried to make one o.O I went with a basic style again, but i'm pleased with the results. Filesize approx 190kb. What do you people think? What should I change?
  2. Halorin

    Adult Goten

    Any one ever thought of making an Adult Goten Model?
  3. Skyrider

    just for people to know! (all models/mappers/sprite makers)

    i just want to let you people know that i am a redsaiyan staff member. that means i can upload your stuff to to redsaiyan site. even its not online right now. i can upload it. just Prive message me. or email me at [email protected] ( email is the best thing. if my pm gets to full )...
  4. G

    site's link to downloading bot is broken

    can somone post the file for the bots to download cuz the link to the website has a broken link to the bots so it wont let me download.
  5. P

    weird icky strange...kind of landscape

    oy i kinda got messy while creating something....... well see it as whatevery ou want to see it its a landscape to me like usual if the pic dont work copy and paste this link in ur url bar thingie
  6. Z

    dragn ball goku

    :devgrin: i made a dragonball goku but i dont no how to release it
  7. stiffdog

    re link

    whoops wrong address heres the right one i believe.
  8. P

    beautiful picture

    beautiful picture - fixed link first of all i must say my friend did this and not me all credits 2 him :D, his nick is Speedy-Sub and hes from israel too :) well here it is ok i saw that the link didnt work for some people so here is the picture:
  9. S


    does anyone still have the bojack gohan? the one that has the mystic gohans body and sbolts head? if anyone has it can they email it to me at [email protected] or if its on a site can they give me the link. and i need the young gohan sounds also i forot to back them up when i replaced...
  10. V

    lol... go to link and read

    http://www.silly****** i was jsut browising and i found this site and its kinda funny made me laugh its quite long tho
  11. E

    Direct link to latest half life patch

    got version i would like a direct link to the patch so that i can put it in my downloading program so that i can puase it, i dont want to go throught all the other crap thx in advance
  12. T

    ESF "red saiyan" bot link doesnt work..

    i noticed this website has a link for some "red saiyan" bot package thing, yet the link doesn't function correctly. I was hoping some sort for some sort of option for bots, it would increase the gameplaying experience by quite a bit. please look into this if you find the time.