1. Zeonix

    EARTHQUAKE HITS JAPAN; LIGHTS SHINING FROM BENEATH THE OCEAN So yeah, looks like it's going to be a great ******* year, gents.
  2. Viper

    Skyrim lights!

    This man is my hero!
  3. Ravendust


    I'm confused about lights, I know i'm supposed to use the 'light' entity for point-based lighting, but what if I want general lighting that covers the whole map, like esf_arrival? Light from the skybox. I tried a light_spot and set the 'Is Sky' flag to yes, but the models (player and env) appear...
  4. frsrblch

    Christmas lights to the next level

    Now, normally I dont post about the random crap I find on the internet, but this begs to be an exception. Ive seen fancy christmas displays before, some even set to music, but this one takes the cake. Enjoy. ...just...
  5. B


    How would I go about making a light switch that turns a light on and off? I know it's possible, because it was in one of the de_rats maps.
  6. DragonDude


    Making this map for a mod I'm in. (You might have seen Shadow's eb_twoson, they're for the same mod :smile: ) For those of you who have played the game, you'll know it's the Monotoli Building in Fourside. Those of you who haven't played EarthBound... play it damnit! :D The pics are taken from...
  7. S

    **Re-Release of esf_1on1**

    Well, I am back after a long vacation of not using my computer in a while! :rolleyes: I released esf_1on1 back when ESF 1.0 was fairly new. I found a lot of people liked it, and saw it being played a lot. So I am re-releasing it here for ya guys! Few Points: The first Screenshot is my main...