1. Zeonix

    XP Lies

    Alright, so I recently put together a new pc and I installed the XP using the cd I've used many times on my old pc. XP installed, asked me to activate my copy, and bam. Everything worked. I installed my mobo drivers, gfx drivers, etc etc. Everything was going good. Then I restart, get to the...
  2. Suh Dude

    The 10 Top Lies of... Sony!? Convert to Nintendo. :X
  3. Nuttzy

    messed up ps2, not sure where exactly the problem lies.

    i have a fairly old "fatboy" model ps2, it still loads games perfectly, save for the thinner, cheaper dvds. in which case i have to put tape around the inner edge of the disc so it will spin it. when certain sounds are played, a high frequency sqeak sound is played through my speakers. which is...
  4. S

    all lies come to an end

    ****in **** anatomy, and legs perspective, but this has real meaning to me, I been ****ed over by a woman, wudnt u guess :\..... seems the season for it, i dont want no sympathy, just for u to comment on my work, to see if it conveys the right image
  5. G

    I have a problem with a model

    It is a vegetto model I downloaded from that gsf website. I don't know how to install this model. Once I download it I see that it is an .ace file. This is different than all the other models I downloaded because they are all .mdl files which means model files. I don't know what I'm supposed...
  6. Wangster

    its getting DAMN HOT in herrrrr

    lol, my lil bro made his second WP! w00t, its sooooo hot. crits? opinions? owyeah, i already told him imaged are badly cut. so darn hot. :yes:
  7. Optional

    ?...ESF team lies?

    hm, well that ESFORCES.COM BETA 1.1 server is linux...why should we wait for a linux release that is already out? hm, if im wrong, sorry for accusing but it sure seems that someone lied. :/
  8. V

    Ned's Veggeto model

    I had some questions for ned about his model : 1. Who will it replace 2. Are you planning on doing animations for it? 3. This isnt really a question but I wanted to say sorry for my sig with him in it, I just like your model so much.
  9. S

    Add your site to Death Lies Behinds' top 20 site list!

    If you want to add your site to DLB's top 20 site list go here and add it: What this does is: 1. Your site is voted for, and and if it has higher votes more people will visit it. =) 2. Its also a great way to advertise your site, you wont have to...