1. Dr.Killer

    Super bot Laser

    I was playing against ultimate bots and there using their laser to avoid my beam attacks and drain my energy and HP. i am not going to ask how to get it disabled, but certainly i want to know how to use it. thanks for help:smile:
  2. Chakra-X

    The US Navy's Anti-Pirate Lasers America fighting pirates with ship-mounted lasers? ******* awesome. Unless they have a mass effect barrier.
  3. Eon

    Rocky pew pew lasers fight

    rocky I challenge you because of paynors. oh yea this is Magus, changed the name. I R FIGHT
  4. KidMan

    Dogs + Lasers = Pwnage I was so incredibly high when I watched this video, that I don't remember what I did for a week, but when I came to I had a shoe in my mouth and collar around my neck... Yaz!
  5. I

    Superbots and there lasers.

    This is THE most annoying ****ing thing ive ever encountered. I cant get near a bot to basic melee him without the ****er draining all of my ki or ****ing locking up my computer. wtf, is there anyway to shut this **** off? Thanks.
  6. Skyrider

    Map req:

    i whas thinking of internal sky fight. its a BIG sky map compleetly only SKY and if you hit the end of the map you will be teleported some furhter back to the map again. you think of yourself.. yeah yeah simpel map. really easy. make it yourself.. yadayada. but i cant make it. so plz :) :D
  7. Sonic the Vampire


    Is the team planning to limit the range on the finger lasers and or the eye lasers? I've been using Piccolo to counter other Piccolo's lately, and I must say, he's rediculously overpowered from across the map. Hell, if he is transformed and he attacks someone before they do, he does well over...
  8. P

    eye lasers too strong!

    eye lasrers are to strong the second someone attacks u with them ur dead. they shud be weaker or just not included