1. d_s_gamefreak

    Need help on ESF for Laptop

    Hey i fixed my ESF on My Desktop but not my Laptop it says the following Could not library C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\cl_dlls Please help Thank You
  2. LaMM

    Wrong hammer window

    i've got a little hammer problem. If i start it and make it fullscreen it has a little gap at the top, so it hasn't got real fullscreen. So everytime i have to make it smaller and then resize it to fullscreen. Does anyone know what's wrong???I've got a laptop with win xp.
  3. S

    help PLZ!!!!!!!!

    hi guys im asking for some idea's for a map tell me some ideas and i make the map and im tired of all the w8ing for the beta relleas!:tired: ! w8ing = waiting :)