1. Zeonix

    The Land Down Under

    Is taking away your porn: I don't like the idea of any government censoring the internet, regardless of their good intentions. This is the kind of nanny state crap I hope I won't ever see in this country. If you don't want complete access to the net, you should have to call them up and ask...
  2. Phobius

    Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures in the Land of Dreams!!

    I can't wait for this game and I'm glad its a PS2 exclusive GOOD JOB SONY ON GETTING THIS EXCLUSIVE FOR THE PS2 w00t!! Heres some images. mmmmmmmmmmmmm c00kies!!!!!!!!!
  3. bapplebo

    New, from Dante Land

  4. Rebirah

    American Troops Land on North Korea'

    A screenshot was taken of today bearing the headline 'American Troops Land on North Korea' -- This headline was almost immediately removed but can be seen here. We have reason to believe the government forced CNN and other news agencies to...
  5. T

    This Land ...

    Not sure if this is considered against the rules or not. It is political in nature, and I know most political threads are instantly closed but this is more humor IMO than political in nature. If this thread does violate any rules please close it.
  6. T

    Supreme Kai

    Would someone be willing to make a Supreme Kai model?
  7. Messiah Daz

    Aussie Outback v1

    Here it is :D My very first map.. Dont laugh -_-" I have no screenies yet sorry but soon :) Its a small map built for all out war. There is sensu beans and a small secret cave. (Easy to find) I would like crits yet. And remember this is my FIRST map. And only Version1 :) Enjoy! !!!Aussie...
  8. Lone Wolf


    I made this thing...... my 2nd attemp to make landscape with 3dsm... 3rd thing I actually made with the program I made some after this.... but they look to *** and embarrasing to show... It was based on a tut... but i only read the first few steps.... The sky is from a render in Bryce... since...
  9. S

    Sky Map?

    I would love having a mid air map, where you can duke it out among the clouds... I mean, there would be white fluffy clouds, but inside all the fluff there's an invisible platform, so if you fly runs out you can land on one of those. In the distance you should be able to see Kami's tower...