1. Deathshot

    Kyo Masokai

    Here is one of my Edits ^_^ His Name is Kyo Masokai. Hope you like him. He still need alot of work.
  2. K

    Kyo's New Ride [Dial-Up Warning - pics]

    After months of waiting I've finally gotten my new ride! Nothing too flash, its a 1998 Mitsubishi Magna Altera LS. Those from the US or Canada might recognise it as a Diamante. Its got the 3 litre V6 manufacture in Australia with 141kw. Its not a fast car by any means taking a full 11 seconds...
  3. C

    To Kyo:

    How do you use your grunge brushes to make a good sig , like what settings do you have it on while brushing , and could you maybe gimme a link to DL those brushes ?
  4. X

    Requesting Sig ~Kyo, Iori, Chizuru & Maki~

    I was just wondering if someone could make me a 400x115 (or 400x150) sig of Duo Long from King of Fighters 2003... And if the person that decides to make the sig knows anything about the KOF Series... Make the theme suit them... Also put the names: Kyo - Chizuru & Maki - Iori Next to...
  5. G

    Kyo Kusanagi ? oO

    Well i dont know who he is or how he looks exactly, i just had one sloppy ref from a website but he kinda suited my mood so i modeled him ^^ hes wearing a shirt (not too good to see cuz i didnt color the mesh yet) and a tie or what you call that here we go with a short screenie (crappy jpg...
  6. X

    Holy Crap (Iori vs. Kyo Cosplay)

    :shocked: Check it out (And the person laying down in the background is Shingo)
  7. suicidal_maniac

    How you like my new sig?

    How do you like my new sig? I know its not fantastic but im just lookin for some comments to help improve my skills and my sig. *edit*And if you have any good Hyper Sonic pics PM me. Hes liike the most unpopular character in the world!!!