1. Slofreak

    kool looking gogeta sign !

    whell i got agean some free time and made this sign the sun isnt a brush but i made it from normal brush circle than i used the smudge tool and work the fine rays rate plizz original pic: sign:
  2. OubliezJe

    LOL, stupid but kool!

    I found this one Newgrounds, its suitable for everyone, its stupid but ifound it funny. http://www.pencilmation.com/mations/pencilmation1.html
  3. §lipKnot

    just some think new i thought would be kool

    mmm i thought it would be kool making a borg goku :P :P but any ways tell me what u think and no it is not done yet this is only if u would call it a rough draft http://www.geocities.com/jim_man_6_9/ESF_PICS
  4. Suh Dude

    redsaiyan gohan

  5. E

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta??

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta o_o
  6. S

    Perfect Cell?

    Is there going to be a perfect cell model? Cause it would look really kool, instead of starting out with 1 level cell it should start out with 2nd imperfect cell and the transformation should be perfect cell..That would be so awesome:laff:
  7. Nuttzy

    my bad guy needs a name, and suggs

    this thread serves 2 purposed, for me to pimp my model, and most importantly, to get him named the model is DONE, sounds, skin, anims (but one), and hes ingame. ALOT of thanks goes to shijing, i was about to tear my hair out getting him assigned, his broad shoulders were a certified PAIN IN...
  8. Colgetto

    custom model websites

    does anybody knows some websites to download some neat esf models like: - www.redsaiyan.net enz. thx.
  9. ssj999vegeta

    kool vegie pic

    i need a kool vegeta ssj pic for ma avatar? ne1 no were i can find 1 and can sum1 tell me how i can put that as my avatar??????
  10. G

    Hmmm, could some one make a USSJ Goku?

    I saw goku once become a USSJ and if some one could make a model for esf i will be very happy 10x;)
  11. M

    kool ides

    i think we need more characters like gotenks and kami and brolly
  12. M

    kool ideas

    we need more characters like super android 13 and vigtto and gogtto or brolly:rolleyes::idea: :yes:
  13. E

    pretty kool idea :)

    ok i think u should have it where lik ein the show u can use a burt of enegy in a ps when ure about to lose say i shot kamehameha against ff i was losing there could be a seperate energy meter and when u push a button u hold the button in and u use a burst of ebnergy and u only have one bar of...
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    new wallpaper

    tell me what u think http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1163501
  15. R

    Bebi vegita

    okay people heres a an idea for ya u remeber when bebi came to earth before he made vegita all****ed up u should skin a vegita model like him when he is skinny and has on all back or the red top with the blue geans on i think gloves no finger gloves now that would be kool
  16. S

    map request

    map request can someone make a map with parts that you can destroy. something like city were parts of biuldins blow up when there damaged anouth. or cars parked on the steed etc. and come some one make a forest map. a huge forest with gokus hous in the midle
  17. TehMuffinMan

    need help with Aura models

    well, i am buisy playing with the auras and makin them look kool but i cannot find the trasformation auras, does anyone know where it is??:S
  18. N

    Art work indeed!

    I named this character Jin Kyto,AKA Night-Fox I have been practicing my clothing and hair sketches since last night and I'd like to know what you guys think! This picture isn't much but a sketch..But I thought I should ask for some crits about this to help me sketch better..Thanx all! ;/ :)