1. H

    Mecha Knuckles

    *shrugs* I guess I should post this. Anyway, I've been twiddling with other modeling programs, and have found maya usable O_o So...after doing only a portion of a tutorial of a head, I decided to give Maya a try on a model I've been meaning to do for awhile O_o There is no poly limit...
  2. H

    BRass Knuckles the Echinda

    Busting Robot ass Knuckles, to be precise O_o Yea, I ripped apart the head from my Julie Su model, tweaked it a little, then went down from there (no, really, I did) Polycount 2068 (blah, I went 400 poly's over what I hoped for, but, I don't care) Click Here Since most people never...
  3. D


    well check it out
  4. T

    need a favor

    hey guys...was wondering if any of u can do a small favor for me, i need that one pic of super 17 and goku punching each other on the knuckles. its always there when i dont want it, and when i do i look for like an hour and cant seem to find it, if any 1 can find it for me, id appreciate it...
  5. K


    maybe some one can make a sonic pack sonic = gohan liek it already is tails = piccolo knuckles = vegeta robotnic = fat buu "dont know what his trans would be but meh" shadow = cell =transformation maybe super shadow?? the alien guy that was made out of liquid from SA1 = frieza amy =...
  6. TehMuffinMan

    Sonic... Released!

    W()()T!!!!! thats right! after a long 2 day struggle, we managed to upload it on!!! MWHYAHAHAHAAH! i will now take 100000 bows for [j] for his beond the word amazing model *bow* *bow x 999999* TAKE IT AND ENJOY!!
  7. S

    Cartoonish Krillin Skin

    Well I made a Cartoonish skin of krillin, cause i thought that it could be cool... you know the look from the color to shadow etc... not the high GFX as the normal skin is, but i think its funny, lol tell me what you think ^_^ Be soft, its my first skin....... tell me...