1. M

    New Model.....well sorta

    Here and Here Its an old Model that I started work on along time ago that I have finally gotten around to finishing. The poly count on it is 1337 (not leet it is actually that much). Anyway let me know what ya think.
  2. D

    My New Sig

    yo, look at this new sig i made for me in my friends company... BTW: i made the fire myself :p
  3. H

    ITs ME agian and i Have another killer story

    Alright dont worry you guys will like this one. I was fight at my server which i had to make cause i could not find anyone to play with, so anyway. It was me agianst 2 other guys and they where both vegitas. Well i was very, very powerful and they where just starting out. So i turbo and light up...
  4. B

    New And Improved 2nd Sig

    I Changed My sig completly because i realised it wasnt that good and i wanted to do something so i made my self a new one wat do ya guys think? BrunO