1. F

    Are you kidding me?

    I waited effin 2 weeks for Pain to pick this junky ass Picture? I mean come on ....... were waiting for new material..... not some junky ass picture that i have seen in another thread.......... wtf?? :S
  2. Punio4

    ESF 1.2 DOWNLOAD HERE!!! (no kidding)

  3. P

    My Buu Skin

    Hey i made a buu skin tell me what you think. I decided to replace buu with a ball. I think it looks so much better than the current model. Look at it ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE ESF BUU I MEAN WOAHHHHHHHHHHH SO I MUCH BETTER My Aim: Pokekil ill send you the model you can also use...
  4. -Dark Shadow-

    DBLB Goku, gotenks

    DBLB gotenks gotenks Gotenks is being worked on and yes i know it has 2 fingers!
  5. P

    MY Brolly picture.....

    Here is a picture I drew... Inspired by Carl.
  6. KrazyKarl

    my gohan pic

    I ended up drawing the pic from another which was smaller, so i had to use my imagination on a few parts which is why the ear looks deformed .... but whatever let me know what you think KrazyKarl
  7. B

    Gundam ModelS?

    Can sombody make me shining gundam and burning gundam and pleasae make them in hyper mode to please! This hand of mine is burning red,It tells me to Defeat my enamey buring.............PRBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!(fart
  8. .FM.

    this took me a few hours

    this took me a few hours this is art! what do you peeps think you like or you dont like (dont even flame me cuz you dont think this is art well fu then this my art. none of this anit art and none of im sick of all thes sigs well deal with it) thank you and have a nice day :)
  9. T

    What should this be

    what do you guys think this should be..