1. Enix

    KH2 Sora [revisted]

    This model was requested on the TS forums, I usually dont take requests, but this was a good excuse to model anyother KH character. The reason this model is "revisted", is because I attempted this guy a few years ago but it was a failure to say the least.. I couldn't even make my own head for...
  2. ShadyD

    KH2 Sora

    man i feel sorry for the KH skinners and modellers XD model by TryForce Skin by Shady-D name: Sora Hikari Hobby: Hitting donald duck with a key Shoe Size: 80
  3. PiXel

    The Unkown from KH2 (concept Character)

    Aight! Well may some of you know that in kingdom hearts 2 a new person comes ingame wich is the copy of Sora but hes on the side of the evils... <_< so i thought... why not Riku too? Well, here´s what i´ve done so far .... <_< a work befor: i wont post front view of his face...
  4. PiXel

    Kh2 Sora

    <_< yes you heard right... i toook me alil time ... and even less in a hour i get this progress: um.. well now i got the hardest part...anway i fell free someone else to let it skin :P .... whos interested pm me... im aim for 2,5k polys... now it got 1,6k lookin good or :P C&C plz...
  5. Ryeko

    KH2 WP

    No, I'm not copying VivaLaPineapple, I originially made this for Sheezy art after I made another Kh2 which I may post later. I did edit Sora to look the way I wanted.
  6. Enix

    KH2 Video Mystery

    I have been thinking about this ever since i saw this video. Ok see if you can figure it out. There is this guy currently named BHK [stands for blonde haired kid], he has two of the keys named oblivian, and the oath keeper. Now he spots riku on the top of this building and runs up there...
  7. Enix

    KH2 Unknown

    Ok, here goes my second KH2 model, its unknown! WEEEE!! 749 polys i think and heres a pic:
  8. W

    KH2 Unknown [WIP]

    ok, well, here it is, not much to see so far. I just thought I would get a thread started for it. I still need to finish the the head part, then other side. then all the way down, then the face.
  9. Enix

    KH2 Sora [WIP]

    Just started this yesterday, and i have gotten alot done, i spent the first day on getting the shoes done. And all i have to do is the head and the hood. And Yaglo is helping me out, cause i am having trouble getting back into modeling. Its currently at 1446 polys. And im going to put my...