1. Grega

    Thread by popular demand (or jsut demans <3)

    Sorry bout that. WAsnt home the whole day. Can you forgive me ^^ Happy birthday ^^
  2. J

    should I make a chibi trunks?

    I've searched 4 a released chibi trunks (can't really find one) I'm asking to release it if you've made one....or show it if you've already done that also, I'm making one myself, but I'm the worst modeling n00b so it probably won't get very far :cry: maybe some1 else can try too? FOR THE...
  3. OubliezJe


    i know it would never happen and im not asking it im jsut tlaking bout it...... wouldnt it be cool to have a single player tho? i think it would it think it wouod be awesome. but WAY TO MUCH WORK.... all the details and gameplay/ chars 8() thats alot of work ur looking at like a couple of...
  4. Froggo

    Gotenks - Saiyan Crusades

    Just pimpin', Just pimpin'.. And i did NOT make the model, Mistery X did but he is banned so im posting this in his place :D.
  5. S

    Multiple similar attachments? Possible?

    I jsut want to know if there is a way to tell the mdoel in the qc to use multiple attachments. Like $attachment 1 "Bip01 L Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 $attachment 1 "Bip01 R Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 This doesn't work, it just shows up the first one listed there. Is the...
  6. MaX

    i get this error when i compile ESF Models

    \/18.smd not found. where it shows the stuff its compiling ya know. :( and it only happens on ESF models. please help me.:cry: and it stops the compile...
  7. K


    a GT goku and SSJ because every one makes it ssj4 and i cant stand ssj4
  8. Wangster

    a question.

    i am a starting modeler, and i would like to ask how to make my shape 3D, i use milkshape, when i import a background in the front view and make the verts and faces, then i have this flat thing, so my question is, if i make the other sides with verts en faces, will the head be 3D??
  9. Morrone

    Transformation Pack Version 2 Released! A Different kind of sound.

    Well during the making of Transformation Sound Pack version 1 I came across a link someone had posted on these forums that led to a website in which all of Bruce Faulconer's music was availabe. Instead of taking a leaf out of Bruce's book I went ahead and snagged the whole tree. This...
  10. DaKD

    DaKD's sigs

    heres my sig thread i jsut started makin em today(crits plz) www.geocities.com/javkrd20/DaKDsig.jpg www.geocities.com/javkrd20/DaKDsig2.jpg www.geocities.com/javkrd20/DakDsig3.jpg www.geocities.com/javkrd20/Metroteksig.jpg
  11. K

    Made a sig for glenn, critz?

    any critz? and for Magus if he wants it
  12. C

    Tutorials about adapting mdoels to ESF??

    I jsut wanted to know if the team would be nice enough to release a complete tutorial about that. Coz i know how to adapat them,but it would be a lto easier to ahve a tut,to know which animaitons we ahve to do,how to create attacks maybe etc Thanx in advance
  13. Ryoko

    Which of my drawings do you like best?

    Which of my drawings do you think is best? Could you also say why please. 1) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryoart.jpg 2) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryokoartshad.jpg 3) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/MangaRyoko.jpg 4)...
  14. H

    Hey, yes im a noob. jsut woundering something.

    I was woundering if you guys on the ESF team had a estimate for the new version release;/? It looks really good, oh and I would jsut liek to say that u guys are doing an awsome job, keep it up!!:D **edit** Whooooooopssss:fight:, sorry guys, i just read a post that said you guys arent...
  15. T

    I jsut got the mod..

    I love dbz, and seeing all the screenshots, I don't see any super saiyans, is it possible to go super saiyan in the game?
  16. S

    Super Andriod 17

    I think they should make a super Andriod 17 because he is apart of 17 i the suer 17 saga if they do make a model for 17 thye shoud add this transformation for him like i said in the andriod 17 18 forums that would be so cool and all. But i was jsut woundering if you could