1. S


    I started to model this one yesterday.And it went surprisingly fast for my standarts.So I thought i'show the extreme W.I.P here.Theres still allot wrong with it, so crits wouldnt make much sense.. I wanted to do way more less polys then i usually tend to do. atm this one is 1460 polys...
  2. Z

    jiraiya sama

    a model for sts i got no side reffs what so ever critzors away
  3. I

    New Jiraiya sig

    Yea, it's 12:09 AM, pretty damn bored. So I just went along and decided to make something for fun. :p Crits and comments are always welcome.
  4. I

    jiraiya sig

    c&c? ;D
  5. MinesSkylineR34

    Gaara sig :D and DP's Jiraiya sig too

    Gaara Jiraiya oh yeah i got tired of hw and got bored again :P