1. Neon


    Well I'm back again with my Janemba model. I felt like it was time I learned to properly texture, so here goes. My progress will be slow, as I've got other things to do. Hopefully I can finally finish this thing though.


    hey i got a idea why don't you put janemba in the game from DBZ movie fuxion reborn i think so think about ti ??;):smile::laff:
  3. Suh Dude

    Neon's Janemba [skin]

    Working on this for him... I need a really good close up picture of Janemba if anyone could find some.
  4. Neon

    Janemba!.. again =x

    Well I'm trying to get back into modeling, and figured I'll try and make another Janemba model. Hopefully this is the one model I actually finish and get into ESF... but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Anywho: Currently has 267 polies. C&C welcomed. I'll start working on the body soon.
  5. spidergaby

    PLEASE Janemba models =(

    Hello, I new and that am made soon 4 months that I seek without stop a model janemba (a goodo_o ) but without result :cry: ! However on the topic ?Final Request??I find a link for a superb models Janemba, but the link is dead:( : then PLEASE ,where can I find a good model Janemba ?? PLEASE ...
  6. webber


    As i promised i made a separated thread for this model, since it's way over the poly limit of kama's competition (2245 polis): And here's some cell shaded pics:
  7. Valle93


    any got Janemba model plzz send it to me add me to msn or email me on: [email protected]
  8. Valle93

    Making Janemba

    can any one show me some good pics of Janemba so i can try make a model of him
  9. Valle93

    Any modeller that can make janemba?

    im searching for a modeller that can make me janemba models first form: fat Janemba. 2nd Form: normal janemba with out sword 3rd form: janemba with sword add me to MSN or email me on [email protected]
  10. Neon


    Well my Android 18 is, for the most part, finished (if anyone wishes to skinmap and skin it for me, just send me a PM). So I made a Janemba next. ^_^ Basic shape of the leg and crap.. >_< Gonna add the details later. Don't mind the side view too much, I didn't have a side ref at the time...
  11. Denz


    I saw movie 12 and was pretty in love with this character. UPDATE BELLOW
  12. N


    it is a rip from bfp to esf so the skin looks **** becours of the 256 color. i only need to conect the bones. ;D ;D
  13. M

    janemba brolly perfect cell

    did someone know where i can download janemba brolly perfect cell model or skin please give me links don't say me to search in the forum i've already do that thx
  14. J

    Were can i find a janemba model

    I have searched these forems and havent found it i want a janeba model can some one help me out and give me a site plz
  15. MysticVegeta

    Brolly and Janemba Soundpack!

    IF made a brolly and Janemba soundpack . YOu can dowload it here Brolly - http://www.esf-world.de/filebase/downloads.php?file_id=90 Janemba - http://www.esf-world.de/filebase/downloads.php?file_id=91 Goten - http://www.esf-world.de/filebase/downloads.php?file_id=92
  16. shadow_wolf

    Janemba Soundpack

    i saw a janemba soundpack thread listed when i searched just wodnering if it ever got done?
  17. shadow_wolf

    Janemba model

    i am aware of the all request forumns i also used the search button i know theres a janemba model out there just wondred if anybody had a dl link or would be willing to send it to me in e-mail [email protected] or aim: akashadowolf i dont know if there a fat janemba but it would be cool i...
  18. Vegito1180

    JaNeMbA rEsKin

    -Credits SexyAsian - Model ESF - Animations [I Think] Me - ReSkin Im Only Showing What It Looks Like Untill I Get Permission From SexyAsian.Critz?
  19. MysticVegeta


    Is that janemba that smo made already released?????????
  20. M


    Are there any plans for a Janemba model conversion? I was thinking that he would be good to replace Trunks. With the Magic Sword that Janemba had, and some of his attacks would fit good with trunk's.
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