1. Cyfore

    steam got jacked?

    Program: D:\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe File: Src\CacheFileFixedDirectory.cpp Line: 1415 ListEntry.IsValid() (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT debugging must be enabled) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If one was to encounter this error...
  2. Cyfore

    steam got jacked

    If one were to encounter this error while one was loading up steam, how would one solve one's problem???
  3. L

    What's the best modelling program ?

    I am a newbie to 3D model making and I would just like to know what is the best 3D model making program ? I have heard of Milkshape 3D and would like to know if this is the best program or are there other one's that are better and easier to use ???
  4. F

    quicky sexy

    yup...and it is blue too. I don't really care for rates as much as the comments...and in this case the humorous one *wink wink*
  5. Wuying Ren

    Vegeta with jacked

    I finished my absolutly first model. Its my first so I only mixed two original models. (its just a model edit not a new model)
  6. D

    Frieza 2 model

    ummm no offense or n e thing its a great model... but wasnt frieza like huge in form 2? i thought he was... the model seems a little small..its a good model just a little small.. i dunno peace