1. Sting


    Seen the dinosaur and animals ideas. So I was thinking about some other stuff like items. In the older versions we could find sensubeans that was very usefull. Was wondering if more items will be added. Like the Saiyan Armor to give you 25% (or what ever you guys want) more defence...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Throwing Items in SSMB

    How do you throw items in SSMB?...
  3. Kaination

    Bugged WoW items?

    This happened earlier today, someone was selling this for 1000g. Huge talk on trade chat, any idea what happened?
  4. clen

    The Stupid/Useless Items Thread

    Ok this another Forum game. Here's the rules you need to create an item that would be stupid and/or useless like a solar powered flashlight and GO!!!
  5. C

    buyable items

    recently if have found myself geting bored after i have reached trans it just becomes all the same i know there gona put more trans in and stuff but itll get boring after you get them. so i think there could be items you could buy. this would allow you to custoumize more/ put more stratige in...
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    3d one

    tried that 3d style...
  7. K

    aim weak swatted items

    right now there are only two things that can happen when you block. -swat them, or block stuggle. What i would like to see is a 3rd thing that could happen. e.g. - taken in consistancy with the current system. Vegeta Final flash: Block stuggle. Big Band: swatted (not aimed) Ki...
  8. N


    itd be cool if u go around and get items like a powerpole or saiyan armor or trunks sword or stuff like that
  9. Ecchi Pr0n


    i have a relley cool map all i need to know is how to make things brack and how to strcth textures and sky images