1. totalvamp


    Yesterday i played around with some bots when i was in a powerstruggle with one i decided to become gohan(was cell first) after that i noticed i was invincible the bots couldnt hurt me at all. A bot that was buu fired a mouthblast at me but it did no damage same for melee. I don't know i did it...
  2. M

    Invincible after melee

    At the end of a adv melee, I hate being blown up the MOMENT it ends by kame spammers... A 1.5 second invincible time would be cool, or even something as simple as a larger knockback after a fight
  3. M

    Invincible in struggles

    Make people in power struggles or the advanced melee invincible while in the struggle. Im sick of being killed by ppl when i cant do anything to defend myself. And it just ruins the fun of PS. I wont suggest invincibility on trans, because that can be abused to get out of a fight
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