1. TigerGEO

    ESF International Tournament

    Me and some friends decided to organize a International ESF Tournament, if you want to participate register on the forum and post in the subscriptions thread: PS: this wasn't my idea so don't crit me -.-...
  2. Spunky

    Gunz: The Duel International Edition

    This game is simply awesome. I'm lost for words right now, after playing this. Go to the site to read about it, and it's features. The only downside to playing this is that you have to hammer the login button to get in (The servers are almost always full on weekends). Go to to...
  3. DJ-Ready

    International "talk like a pirate day"

    Arrr! Yer bettar go check thar website! september 19th :)
  4. DiebytheSword

    Warez and international copyrighting.

    No download links or torrents, nor links to where these things are can be discussed on this forum. Should you do so, you will be in direct violation of the AUP (the AUP will be updated shortly with clearer definitions). While international copyrights usually don't stop fansubs from being...
  5. KilledWithStyle

    The International Hate Thread

    OK so I asked Cuccumba to do this. He will over look it so here it is. Guidelines(that I made up: No sexual comments. Notting that will get you banned form this site. You say Summthing hurtful to the person before you. Don't Have Fun :\
  6. KilledWithStyle

    The International love thread

    (Since my hate thread didnt work) This is the oppiste. You HAVE to say sommthing good about the person who posted before you. Good luck. And be nice ::smile: (p.s.: You dont HAVE to know teh person you just have to say summthing nice)
  7. KilledWithStyle

    The International Hate Thred

    OK heres how it works you make a nasty comment of the person that posted in front of you. Some guide lines: No sexual comments EG: your *** Notting that will get u banned from this site. I wil start off by dissing the invisible person: Lets face it you Got no life.
  8. V

    International week of the n00b

    Next week is the international week of the n00b there will be celebrations abroud post your thoughts on the spectacle here!