1. MrMasj

    Some inspiration from Raging Blast

    I did just see a trailer from the upcoming PS3 & 360 game "Dragon Ball Raging Blast" I thought some of the things they showed during the Tokyo game show trailer was interesting enough to bring up. (1). Characters with the...
  2. J-Dude

    Sudden Inspiration...

    Okay, first off I want to point out that this idea may be worth nothing if it means that it would lag servers all to Hell, but just passing through a modding website, I came across a Half Life mod called "Half Life FX". This mod reported to be capable of making the Half Life Engine (not Source)...
  3. Suh Dude

    yay for inspiration

    I got back to sig making! I got a break from NHD so yeah, give me some of that goodness C&C. =O
  4. PiXel

    Lost,Pain, losing Inspiration.

    In the last time i noticed something... i would like to see if you can gues it what.
  5. Suh Dude

    Loosing inspiration..

    For some reason, I made these kick *** drawings at school and at home long time ago, and now I'm loosing it since I read the tutorials at My mind has lost creativity in drawing. I know 85% is knowledge and 15% is creativity, but I'm loosing day by day. How can I get my...
  6. H

    Inspiration at its peak, Gaara Returns!

    Well, it isn't normal Gaara, this is..TEH EVUL GAARA OF DEWM@ Heh, I got a nice topic name going, I should copyright it...buahaha! Well, yea...heh..started today, finished today >_< And, I know the tail is kinda ****ty, but really? all its gonna do is wave ^^; Polycount : 1902 Not...
  7. Marauder

    Stream of tears

    something i wipped up :D
  8. S

    ghp_earthcanyon Map

    Hey ppl I have worked for the past days on my first map for GHP ( Its based on the place where Trunks have fought Frieza. The freeza space ship on the pic isnt the final, its just to show you guys where the ship gonna be placed in the map. There isnt any ligtning yet in the...
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    one of my drawings(its a good one) the description aswell as image is in that link(non colored version). the colored version is directly under this sentence.
  10. T

    Crack Killz *CG*

    yea another little thing i did.... took me like 40 mins or some****... im going to make some more and post them when i got the time.... my inspiration was my herion attik uncle....
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