1. Mkilbride

    Pre-order Afterfall: InSanity for 1$ With the catch 22, that they will automatically change that charge to 33$ if they don't reach their 10,000,000 pre-order goal(set to be impossible, on purpose).
  2. N

    insanity bar

    That would be cool if there was an insanity bar. Like the worse he's injured the madder he gets untill he explodes with anger right before he dies and he becomes even stronger and faster.
  3. X

    what is Bryce?

    well now i have seen so many peeps talking about somethign called Bryce.. what is it? and is it free?
  4. Q


    I decided to take a break from making crazy images like insanity syndrome and try something a little different. Its and extremely simple wallpaper but I like it for some reason.
  5. Q

    Insanity Syndrome

    This is my second Bryce work. I think it looks sick as hell but I'm looking for some comments. I know its a little trenwhorish because of the bubbles but its still loks good in my opinion Version 1 Version 2 Which one is better