1. S

    Move input animation

    A new idea: While you use the advanced melee and input your moves with the arrows, your characters stand in one possition. It would be nice if the characters fight while you input your moves, but they do no damage to each other. So what do you think?
  2. C

    chat input detection

    for those who do not have an english keyboard its sometimes annoying if you have to search for the key you want. For example, as german, if you want to type ": )" you need to find the keys, because the chat input system somehow detects it as english, but the key positions are different. Maybe...
  3. D

    Could adv. melee input be made client side?

    The reason i'm asking this is because even the slightest lag will make the input sluggish which makes inputting combos really hard. Even with as little as 80-90 ping inputting moves is considerably slower than if you play locally or on a lan. Any thoughts on this?
  4. K

    Need some Input on this...

    Ok, I was just playing ESF one day, and it hit me. how about this. Say you pick vegeta, ok, your set with a VERY VERY VERY high amoutn of ki. And thats what you last on. you use meleee it drains it very little, you use a full power beam, it drains, alot. But you cant charge it back up. But it...
  5. Sonic the Vampire

    Personal Troubles... I'm looking for well thought out input.

    Alright, I've got a situation, and I'm wondering what some of the older members of the community think about it. No, not older as in having registered on the forums a long time ago, but older as in age-wise. I'm looking for 16 year olds +, particularly those who have been in these kinds of...
  6. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  7. S

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
  8. A

    Buu Wallpaper

    Just a quick wallpaper made by me for all u Buu fans :) Hope u enjoy, just a quick one but if u want to give me ideas to improve it plz say so :)
  9. I

    Umm.. Can Someone Make a Skin Of Bardock you no goku's dad..

  10. E

    USAX New WallPaper

    Hey all, I have returned. Here is a WallPaper, throw out some input.
  11. K

    My newest Sig

    How do you like it? I am, thinking of making it my new one...I'm not sure Give me some input...