1. T

    Goku vs. Tiger: ink

    Been a while since I inked a piece. I encourage criticism because I have some problems with goku's face and left leg. And please don't comment about it not being my own style... cuz it's not. it's Toriyama's style, okay? I don't need art to express my individualism i just do it for fun.
  2. Akcsfreak

    Ink and Pen

    Hey, i just finished this ink and pen thing for my art class, what do you guys think about it? Edit: Changed to link becuase the picture dosnt fit on screen when placed directly in post.
  3. S

    Reskin of vegeta yes i like vegeta he kicks azzzz i allso reskined a goku just made his colors more bright pic will be on tommarow......... credits model turk skin mastasurf reskin me aka SlipKnot im not trying to do a hole reskin i want to beef up the...
  4. D

    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    ok im finally finished with the model, i looks almost like the picture below with a few changes you can get it at my web site post some relpys to let me know what you think of it: wait for the intro to finish to enter the site and then click on the link right about the ssj5 goku pic...
  5. V

    when i register for ms3D where do i put the registration code???

    i registered recently but i dont know where to put the code?
  6. rarthax221


    i want to try to begin making/edit models. first of all how can u edit the texture of the model(color) i got milkshape and havnt really messed around to know anythin about it yet.
  7. Cold Steel

    about the freeza form 2 model

    Yo metrotek your model looks great (here comes the but),but his head is to thick and the horns should go a little more to the sides before they go up.and those shoulder plates should be a little bit more on top of his shoulders instead of on the sides owk???For the rest i tink the model...
  8. E


    I finally got some of my drawings scanned. Even though the scanning isnt all that good of quality. You can still see them. Enjoy :D . Here is Majin Vegeta. And here is a second of Majin Vegeta right before he blows up part of the stadium. Here is Goku as a SSJ3. Notice, I...
  9. N

    Works with Ink

    Within the last year, I have done 2 Vegeta drawings with an ink pen. Here they are, tell me what ya think. I had a case of insomnia 1 night, so around 2 in the morning, I did this one. This is the first one I did, with a regular ink pen, this took me 3 and a half hours. This one I...
  10. N

    ink blotty type thingy

    I just did this messing around in photoshop. It reminds me of an ink blot test... I thought comet, but im sure most people here would probably say Kamehameha wave or such...
  11. E

    Sample work, please rate?

    here they are, just let me know what you guys htink =p. some splashs.
  12. S

    New Namek

    Im just guessing on this one but are they going to have the new namek map and the Room of sprit and time room in the game.