1. Grega

    initial d stage 5

    So it started to air last week. Anyone following it? Personally I liked the art style of stage 4 better, but I'm happy to see it continue. Not to mention listen to more of its music XD
  2. Z

    Invulnerability Bubble for Initial Transform

    When you transform into a new form for the first time, you should get an invulnerability shield similar to Gohan's shield move. An example from the series would be when Cell is first transforming into his perfect form, and Trunks attempts to attack him but is repelled by the energy.
  3. K

    Initial D Live Action Movie!

    there is but its not a hollywood production its hong kong production, Singer Jay Chow Joints Tsui Hark's INITIAL D ? (MonkeyPeaches Exclusive) November 11, 2003 According to an unknown source, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou has been offered with the title role of the big screen adaptation of...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    Initial D ver2

    anyone play it? if so what care do u drive? i drive a nissan skyline r32, my best course is myogi, that map is so good for my car i can get a average of about 2:59.657 on that map
  5. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: DL link: click on ""...
  6. R

    Who has seen Initial D??????

    No doubt youve already guessed what this is about, im just curious as to how many people have seen it. Takumi kicks ass!!!!!
  7. S


    Is there bot-support for the maps in ESF?
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