1. IFlip92

    Aura size increasing along with power level

    As the title says I always thought that the aura size increases slightly but noticeably around the characters when their power levels increase in the show. It would be really nice to see that in the game :). Makes you feel more powerful and also balances things a lil bit as u can spot a powerful...
  2. Final Vegeta

    Increasing pl gain for 1.2.1 melee

    I thought about this a bit and yes it goes slow now but: If you gain more pl from melee, beams will never be used anymore. Then ESF would be even more of a *melee-based* game wont it? o_o I agree it should give a bit more pl, but then also give the beams a bit more, because if you...
  3. U

    Increasing Speed!

    hope you like this.. not that i dont think its good as it is for now.. but just for some changes that would balace the game a little just came to think of.. if you have a pl of 20.000.000.. then woulden't you be quit fast?.. instead of increasing speed when you transform, why not make the...
  4. O

    PL increasing

    2 questions. First one. Is there any way to up your power level without killing someone? Second one. Once your PL is up how do you become an Super Saiyan?
  5. MR GUMP!!

    Increasing power lvl by charging atacks

    This Idea came to me when i saw the Raditz vrs picolo+goku episodes, As Goku and picolo charged up thier atacks the scouter recognised it, showing that thier pwr lvl was increasing. I personaly dont think this would be of difficult nature to code, but then again I dont know alot about codeing