1. Slofreak

    Mushroom cloud effect and impact cloud effect?

    How about when you get hit by bigger attacks like Big Bang, Kameha, Mouth Blast... it makes cloud and explosion effect around person who is being hit. Kinda Like this: I was also thinking when you use bigger attacks on the ground it whould make a Mushroom dust effect.
  2. Slofreak

    High drop animation and ground impact effect suggestion?

    So i was thinking if you drop from a very high height. It whould make like a impact creater effect and also dust effect. But sometimes you just wanna bounce from the ground and use that to your advatage right like 1.2.3. So i was thinking if you hold any movement key durning the drop you will...
  3. N

    Lockup on impact of energy attacks

    If I start a battle, and I use an energy attack of any kind, most of the time the game will freeze just before impact, and it will loop the impact sound. This bug does not occur every time I use an energy attack, but it always happens before I have earnt enough points to ascend. I have tried...
  4. D

    straight deflection/ki blast impact

    normally in a block the ki blasts just randomly go anywhere, for my suggestion when your in a block but hit the right mouse button at the right time your character will punch them back towards your oponnent this same would be true for weak beams such as gen beam, and burning attack. this...
  5. X

    King of Fighters - Maximum Impact

    Just thought i'd create a thread about this, been playing it for the past 4-5 days since I got it. I've been playing it here in my community college with a bunch of my friends and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it? Its really nothing like the 2D Fighter when it comes to physics...
  6. Rayna

    Blue Impact

    Well I was requested to make a website layout by a friend and this is meh first one, my first big picture in photoshop for that matter. But he can't really use it cuz it aint what he needed, he asked for simplicity and I make this LOL Oh well w/e. I wuz gonna call it Water Impression but I...
  7. D

    Impact of HL 2 ?

    With the future release of Half-Life 2 with this result in ESF extending into HL 2 territory or will it continue to run on HL 1 forever and ever amen ? Personally with the release of Half Life 2, I think ESF has potential to make it into the big league runners. Basically al i want to know...
  8. V

    Vegeta's renzuko and impact

    Ok lets be honest now ......I bet you have all seen the episode ell returns......Now please tell me how much blasts did vegeta fire...huh? About a million and more...So why does vegeta in esf only shoots 8. Why can piccolo have a scattershot with now charge but vegeta renzoku with 8 blasts...
  9. D

    Dust and stuff from impact

    I dunno if its a good Idea or not but here goes. Lets say you melee someone into a wall and they recover. However when they hit a big cloud of dust arises and blocks the view of the guy and covers the guy who was hit. Now the lock on square doesn't lose lock but instead it locks onto the Dust...
  10. shadow16

    What program do I use to view the mdl files

    i get an error messahe when using 3d impact
  11. E

    Attacks not exploding on impact

    How about, if you shoot a special attack at someone and your and it hits, the attack does not explode when it hits the opponent. Instead, the opponent will be "riding the attack" being pushed in the direction the beam is going. At this point, the beam should not be able to be detonated. The...
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    a quick queston for -[gf]- tien

    hey how do u make that little 3d box effect u have on your sig?