1. NightShade

    Solar flare makes you immune to damage.

    If you get solar flared you take no damage at all when blind.
  2. Fusion Ha

    Immune while transforming

    I think you should be immune to all attacks while transforming. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does. People attacking others while they transform. It's just bloody annoying, because they can charge a huge blast on fling it onto me. I know could descend and flee, but you can never transform...
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    A site...

    Just a site I made up for my mod, you may recognize some of the team members... Anyways, critz/comments, and suggestions for ways to make it better please. EDIT: lol, forgot to give you guys a link: EDIT2: Also, it's my 1st HTML based site, and I'm immune...
  4. ScooterMan

    Frieza, Cell and Buu immune to Trigger Hurt

    Ok i thought of this for esf. Why dont we make the classes Frieza, Cell and buu be immune to trigger damage? As trigger damage is basically enviromental damage. Those characters special abilities are, well one of them is that they can survive in any enviroment. Space, lava...This could be...
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