1. Es_Trunks2

    I was such an idiot

    I was searching an old email, and I found some posts I made on this forum under this account. I'd like to apologize to anyone who had to interact with me at all during the time this account was active (2003 I believe). Anyway, 8 years later and I hate myself for being such a dingus...
  2. Vegeta

    Prove you're an idiot....

    It's Amazing How Every Time You Open... {Kardashian/DBZ} K wut, lol.
  3. MrPlow

    Help an idiot solve simple math problems

    A small brick of text. If you don't wanna read just look at the bottom of the post there is the question. Well there is this "new" thing my beloved country of Croatia came up with for students who finished high school and want to go to college called "State matura" which is basically a series...
  4. Spunky

    Seattle cop punches teenage girl in the face for being an idiot. Shouldn't have assaulted the cop. He was actually being pretty nice to the first girl. He could have just slammed her ass on the ground.
  5. Deathshot

    How to Confuse an Idiot. Its great fun. OR IS IT?! People commit suicide because they now think they are idiots. But seriously.. Apparently a Kid in my community killed himself because he thought he had become a complete idiot because everytime he tried to get this to play it...
  6. F

    What an idiot!!

    This guy is simply a moron...
  7. Damaera

    Idiot -_-

    My brother is an idiot -_- he's in jail..... *Step's to the story* So he's at his previous high school right? Right.... Wait I forgot something He came to my house with a friend at like 12:00 am and he was acting suspicious, smoking weed while i was asleep. He probably sprayed colone in the...
  8. F

    Im an idiot

    Lolz, omfg with me... I tried to get ESF to Steam, and so i uninstalled the whole Half-Life to be installed again in the Steam folder. Well, after i had uninstalled, i remembered that i had sold my copy of Half-Life to my friend... And this friend lives quite far away from me, and i meet him...
  9. PiXel

    hercule is a really idiot ^^.... here is a avi file where u can look from the game: Dragonballz - legende of goku II its a really funny avi file maybe u look at this a made it... better i say i record it ^^
  10. Skinnerfool

    Is this me or do i see a person taking credit

    found it at brollma's Forum
  11. Z

    im sorry im sorry im sorry

    i forgot to give crits i thacht i gave m on my site i forgot sorry every one :scared: i hope i didnt ofend anny one with my c17 model and yes its origanaly an trunks in vegetas armer so crits to brollman atleas it think he made it and pro stfu you ****face you cant even model that good if you...
  12. Hash

    Where do I put downloaded photoshop fonts?

    I know i probably sound like an idiot. But I just downloaded some fonts for photoshop 7.0, and i dont know where to put them. If someone could help me out. I would really apreciate it.
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Need a 3d image?

    I'm the man for you. Need a 3d object to add into your images? I can help. With my software, I am willing to give a free service for needed individuals. 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, Lightwave, and Maya all can be utilized to help YOU make a good texture or graphic. The main idea: For me to...
  14. E

    Idiot Brought Gun to my school!

    Some Ahole pulled a gun on a teacher at my school this moring...( 3 hours ago) Any of you hear about this yet? A couple guys in his class jumped him from behind and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived... Sux so bad... the school was in lockdown for like 2 hours.... My teacher...
  15. A

    z fighters vs the world

    hey guys any1 here know's the z fighters vs the world game ? u know .. the 2d fighting game , anyway , i just wanted to ask u guys who knows where can i get some charecter's for it , if there are any , cuz there is a add/remove feature there if u know where i can get some , plz tell me
  16. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
  17. S

    Lord Slug Wave

    I know this is models and things but this wav is for all those people who thought Lord Slug was actually a slug.
  18. Vegito1180

    MilkShape 3D

    How Do I Importe Models To Milkshape?
  19. B

    I feel like an IDIOT

    K here is ny very stupid question; how do u get into esf i'm new to half-life and i don't know how to play any mods except counter strike. Thx;D
  20. K


    go to and look on the front page that is how good half life skins can look!!!, someone make it like i can be
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