1. I

    Iceman says his...

    Good-bye's. Yeah, the year long path of ESF has finally come to an end. It was fun while it lasted. But the man "Iceman" is dead. It's getting too old and for me now and Im ready to go back to being just me before I started animating, modeling. If i was in your mod, I am sorry. I do not want to...
  2. S

    Iceman -- Just for fun ^_~.

    Welp, read the title if you can :P. /me hopes dueling location is on a mountain with rune carvings drawn into stones surrounding the area :o.
  3. Vejimaru

    Iceman Sig

    I made a sig for Iceman and here it is. I have another version with the brown shell on the left side as well, but I will post that later. Critz plz
  4. I

    why wont anyone accept iceman challenges?

    tisk tisk... hard to get a simple battle around here *lays on his back in the grass and throws a rock in the air and catches with one hand and repeats*
  5. I

    need chibi goku from dbgt

    hey does anyone have a link to a dbgt chibi goku model... i had one but my computer crashed due to lightning and redsaiyan is down so i dont know where to get one... any links or u can just im me at "iceman19847" on aol aim.
  6. I

    chibi trunks

    Here's my chibi trunks skin and this is how far i got on it....:smile: It would look better if i didnt save it as .jpg credits: dunno i got it off a french website