i need help

  1. S

    can some1 help me with the sounds

    i want to hear the teen gohan sounds not the mystic gohan sounds how can i make it that where i can only hear the teen gohan sounds instead of the mystic gohan sounds:cry: ;(
  2. tha ssj4goku

    Help Me?

    Who wants to help me?? I need a logo for my clan but noone of my clan can make a good logo so i gonna ask it here. Plz be so kind to help me and make me happy :) PLZ I NEED HELP!!!!
  3. -Dark Shadow-

    i need help with skinning!

    ok i have Half life model viewer and have like paint and paint shop pro 7 what do i do next to skin something help please
  4. B

    I Need Help!

    How can you Resize the model 4 timeS smaller?
  5. D

    help plzz i am in critical need of help

    ok i made my map and it is finished bu now i wanna know how to make it a bsp ex tournement.bsp i cant play the map i need help quickly
  6. M

    I Need Help

    Can someone plz tell me how to put new models in the game so i can use them...........??????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Emeka650


    I need help making a hair model of goku can someone help me or give me a tutorial.
  8. H

    i need help

    ok im used to modeling the MS3d way... adding the verticies... and connecting them to create the faces and walla the model. when my demo of it ran out i dld GMAX... is there NEWAY i can do what i did in MS3d in GMAX cuz i dont feel like learning another proggie and i dont really wanna spend 20...
  9. I

    texts,backgrounds,dbz images help!!!

    i need major help anyone know where i can find these plz tell me i need help
  10. G

    my model

    here is my model i am trying to make the head go to the torso area, but its not working i need help, tell me what you think of the model overall didn't spend too much time on it, also i can't seem to be able to make hands
  11. OneWingedAngel

    hohoohoh FFVII Model plan need help!

    ok well i need a Tutorial for MilkShape3D V1.5.9 that covers absolutly EVERYTHING! i mean everything! but in english! not German or in anyother Language! i need this so i can learn to model really good! so i can make all the FFVII Characters! Hehhe that'd be fun please i need help! also can...
  12. K

    anyone kow how to convert an ms3d format to a model format

    i need help converting a ms3d format to a mdl format on milkshape how do u do this
  13. Guerilla

    I need help making models

    I currently map allot, but im curious on modeling, how am i going to find tutorials for milk-shape? please post links, AND i know this is a bit "illegal" but where can i get the milkshape 3d "H@ck" i don't want to have 30 days and thats all, im to cheap to pay for it.. hehe if you...