1. M

    DBZ effect on humans

    It sounds like the guy is putting a hell lot of pressure and shouting like an ******* to do ****... lol man this is crazy stuff!!!
  2. FalconFury

    Another life planet for humans to live?

    They say kepler is a new planet that all men-kind can live. But the air is different. Like what if there is an alien Watching us. What if our planet is destroyed and we all go to this planet and see all kinda unexpected species that live there. Discovered now, this planet doesn't look like...
  3. Chakra-X

    Humans May Not Have Evolved from Apes This actually makes more sense, if both ape and human branched off some other species.
  4. E

    I need a tutorial on modeling humans

    Hi, I need a good resource for modeling humans. I heard this course being very good but it has not been released yet. do you know of any other good book, tutorial, video training...? I appreciate your help
  5. |Overlord|

    Remote controled Humans My god.... Well science hopes they can get this right for Gaming but they can remotely control humans :o. I belive this is also a method that will be used in dbz chou if i am not mistaken when you think about it.
  6. SailorAlea

    Destroy All Humans!

    Has anyone else played this game? I pre-ordered it, got it in the mail today. It's cute--and pretty fun. The Psychokinesis reminds me of "Psi-Ops," but it's not quite as easy to use. The game has an amusing sense of humor, and the gameplay is pretty fun. I'm not that far in yet, so I'm not going...
  7. Seph`

    Newbie Modeller ~ Tips? ~ Reference Pics?

    Hi ^.^ I'm a newbie modeller and I need to start out with doing basic humanoid models then move onto the more intricate and difficult 'mecha' modelling. For PFX of course ^.~ I was looking for some tips on modelling humans, and/or some reference DBZ Pics to model with. I am looking for...
  8. D

    Need animator(s)

    I need a/some animator/s to animate some player models Contact me on icq : 119624787 or msn [email protected]
  9. M

    VS army/ pitifull humans Mode

    wouldn't it be cool if there was like a mode where one gujy gets to be a dbz fighter and the other players are humans with like rocket launchers and some standard machinegun and choppers(as done in varoom). Would be hard getting a fair match without lotsa humans but would be great to play on a...
  10. SierraSonic

    Tranformations For Humans

    Yes what the title says, Heres how it would happen, btw i got this from DB, simplely they bulkup dont lose speed but gain power. I got this from the DB episode were "The Turtle Hurmit" uses his Kamehameha to put out fire mountain. So these transformations would be like the show.