1. Snowm@n

    The horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon

    Just when I thought I had seen everything, this one shows up. http://videolog.uol.com.br/video?460279 10 oscars at least
  2. owa


    BE WARNED THESE CLIPS ARE VERY BRUTAL AND GRAPHIC. I found them to be amusing, you may not. I felt like sharing them, but don't watch if people getting shot and/or falling from high places makes you sick. link removed
  3. Hawki_ice

    Hawki's (dakilla) wp edit!

    DaKiLLa made the original one but it dident have the text i liked and i changed it a bit here and there! Critz?
  4. S

    A bug, but not too horribly important...

    I've found that when you manage the raiser your PL to 1 billion or above, melee actually begins to heal the person you hit, looks kinda strange, cuz the bar starts going outside of the little gray box that the health bar is supposed to stay within :) (I have some screenshots if you want proof...
  5. S

    Wallpaper Creation Asking Type Thing

    Right, when making WPs to you just change the size of the canvas to the screen resolution? If I'm horribly wrong (most likely scenario) flame me. It's the only way I'll learn...
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