1. KilledWithStyle

    Random homeing of Kametorps and Scatterbeam -- REASON

    I dont know if this will help the team, but I would like to expand on the bug of (mainly) the Kame torps going to unknown "entities". First off, I have figured this out after spending much time in my own server and realizeing that this bug isnt only in riverside. I have seen this bug in many...
  2. KilledWithStyle

    Redifineable Homeing

    How many times have you just seen the perfect timeing? How many times have you just been so shure he wouldnt mocve? And dont you jsut wish he ddidnt lookaround and get the hell outta there? I shure do So why not make it so after you home scatter shots or kame Torpedos, You can be able to...