1. Majin_You

    Happy Holidays from the ghost of Christmas past!

    Hello, forumers! Long time, no see. Even as curmudgeonly as I am in my retirement, I thought it'd be nice to pop in and wish you all the best in your respective holidays/customs/rituals/death chants. I hope things are going smoothly around here. There was some light inactivity and awkwardly...
  2. KarrdeKNR

    I Need Some Holidays for the Forum

    Ok, so since the Force Pit is too damn lazy to help me with this, I'm going to everyone else :P I noticed the forum's holiday manager was pretty empty. I want ppl to give me some holidays. This cant be **** you just made up. Only the forum staff gets to do that :P But totally include things...
  3. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Amount of official American holidays?

    I'm having a small argument with my father about the amount of official holidays Americans have. With official holidays I mean holidays on which Americans don't have to work (aka free days). So, to all Yanks, how much free holidays do you have?
  4. john_volkov

    happy holidays

    happy holydays all i hope the next year brings your new god thing and many many suprises c ya in the next year all and a happy new year
  5. Deverz

    Happy Holidays

    I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Best wishes for the next year, Unless you get in my way :) -Dev
  6. I

    What are you gonna reserve for the holidays?

    Guess what, You can reserve Doom 3 at your nearby GameStop for $5. Though this is pretty much old news, because you could've done this last week (from what i heard from the store clerk), but thats not the case. If your too lazy to do that, waste $10 to $15 reserving it on the web. *ADDED...
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