1. davidhalo

    Hinata - Half-Life 2

    Well I'm gonna start trying to develop more stuff for Half-Life 2 so I can get more experience rigging face bones and such ( Enix's Naruto was a complete blast for facial rigging ) So I decided to start on my fav female character of the series, Hinata. My Drawn Concept : ( Refs Used ( ZOMG...
  2. D

    My naruhina (naruto and hinata) amv

    Title: Naruto and hinata Premiered: 2005-10-11 Categories: Action, Drama, Romance Song: Negative - secret forgiveness Anime: Naruto Click Here are the lyrics : You’re my all I need you beside me Hurts too much to be apart. Oh how sweet but still so...
  3. A


    I've been working on this model for a while on and off. I'm donating it to Ninja Densetsu once it's finished. Crits are welcome. It currently weighs in at around 1400 polys but there's a lot of optimisations to be done. I'm aiming for no more than 2500...
  4. Prozac

    Naruto fightscene movie! (Hinata vs Neji)

    I've been planning this for a while now. I took a fight from naruto, and edit out most major stuff that has to do with the plot with major stuff I mean flashbacks and conversations this is the first time I tried this and it's pretty basic I only cut/pasted scenes so it sounds kinda weird...
  5. Froggo

    Hinata, Hinata!!

    I made this hinata sig and a matching avatar with the idea of a logo for me which is in right now like Smo's Dragon or so
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