1. D

    Somebody heelp me!

    Pleeeeeeease, somebody buy me hl1 :cry: I dont have bank to buy hl :cry:
  2. E

    need heelp!! cant create a server

    sup..im french..mm my problem is when i try to play with bots....say starting local game or something and the game dont come up!!..this problem come after i install McAfee....i have ESF 1.2.3..pls hlpp i wnt play
  3. S


    in valve hammer editor why cant i see 3D veiw of wut im doing ? it only shows a black screen O_o
  4. T


    Hi, I've got small problem runnin ESF. I'm a total noob of any Half life MODs...(of course I installed all programs and everything...) and I waz tryin to connect to the server. But it says "Your half life CD KEY is invalid so I put my cd key in. and it doesn't work! I tried it...
  5. SSJ n00b


    how to open a pk3 file like jedi outcast and quake 3 arena and what tutorials i need
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