1. Deathshot

    Chibi FMA =D ( Dont be to harsh T_T)

    Yes, I know it needs alot of work. Tell me what ya think of it.^^
  2. §lipKnot

    should i keep reskining or call it quits

    hey i was wounder if i should stop reskining i dont know what to reskin and i dont know what peeps like so if u could tell me if u think my reskins are bad or good it would help go to my page and tell me plz
  3. Nuttzy

    super android 13, calling all skinners

    well a few people told me they were goin to put him ingame, and to my knowledge never did, im tired of getting requests for him so im going to release him, ive got im ingame, assigned properly with a set of animations heres a short video clip...
  4. GhostfaceKillah

    A site...

    Just a site I made up for my mod, you may recognize some of the team members... Anyways, critz/comments, and suggestions for ways to make it better please. EDIT: lol, forgot to give you guys a link: http://zhorror.empty-rift.com EDIT2: Also, it's my 1st HTML based site, and I'm immune...
  5. MaX

    my backround pack :)

    my 1st edits and art are in the pack. there about 13-18 pics i forget. anyway hope ya like. and remember there some of my 1st stuff. :) :) http://www.geocities.com/shask666/bkpack.zip http://www.geocities.com/shask666/bkpackpart2.zip
  6. [NeO]_icf

    Tool for making maps

    I tried 'search' but i couldn't find anything about it so i'm asking it in this topic. What is the best program/tool to make maps for ESF? And is it free, if so, where can i download it. (is it worldcraft or something?) I had some experience with making a max payne mod (i was mapmaker and...
  7. suicidal_maniac

    Behold Teh Siggyness!!!

    New Sig. I want some crits and i wanna know if i should keep my current one or switch to this one.
  8. Demi-Shadow

    New sig, Ratings please.

    out of 10 for the sig under this post please. :D
  9. Wyatt

    First sig

    So how is it?
  10. SandMan

    give me your critz

    I made a new Sig this morning, tell me what you think dont be too harsh :P
  11. S

    well i made......

    well i made a aura skin for esf... you can go check it out here and ill like your rateing on it btw its is my first one so dont be so harsh....
  12. V

    Form2 - a new era

    Thought you all might want to check out what I've done so far on the skin for Cell's 2nd form. I still have some shading and color tweaks to make, so don't be too harsh on it. *UPDATED IMAGE