1. CankerousJak12

    ESF Hamachi

    I just want to play ESF with my friend, all I know is dedicated server is not working, Tunngle doesn't even start up, and Hamachi is the only thing I've actually seen work (I tried hamachi with a game called Little Figher 2, not with esf but somebody suggested it). So can anyone tell me how to...
  2. I

    Help needed how to connect with hamachi????

    i need help i wanted to connect with hamachi for a long time like minecraft can someone tell me how i could connect on hamachi with someone please thanks.
  3. goku-chan

    ESF in LAN with Hamachi

    I whanted to start this thread cuz I whant to play in LAN with someone. So ho whants to play ESF beta 1.2.3 or open beta 1.3 ( I usually play ESF beta )log on to Hamachi and join my server: Server Name: . Password: . If you whant to contact faster me, my Yahoo ID is cyberbulkx5. ( I realy whant...
  4. Kaination

    Hamachi help D:

    Hamachi is bein ***, when I try to connect with my friend it keeps saying "Local lan is blah blah blah(Class C)" This is for counterstrike, i wanna play lan with him D: any help?