1. N

    Yeowza Happy BDay Halorin

    Yeowza its Hal's 21st... time to bring on the good stuff Happy Bday man.
  2. Cold Steel

    Happy birthday Halorin.

    Yep, our melee ***** is celebrating his 20th birthday. Happy birthday, and have many more.
  3. Halorin

    Halorin's updated melee concept.

    Alright, now.. Here's a little disclaimer: Most of these ideas are my own, but certain things like the charged swooping and the melee powerstruggles are just ideas I took my take on that I've seen from other people. I don't know exactly who had the charged swoop idea, but thanks. Also, I've...
  4. S

    Halorin's New Melee Concept

    THis is Halorins idea that i am posting for him. :D Combo Melee: Mouse1 Charges a swoop and upon letting go, you're off. You then hold down Mouse1 again and upon hitting someone, Chain-Combo'ing ensues. You continue to hold Mouse1, but you hit a series of directions and lengths of presses...
  5. Halorin

    Halorin's Melee Concept

    There seems to be a lot of 'controversy' over the new information shed on 1.2 melee. I've tried to come up with a concept myself and wanted to know the opinion of the ESF community. Here goes: When you swoop at someone, mouse1 starts what I'll call a 'combo-chain,' and mouse2 will be...
  6. Halorin

    Halorin's USSJ Idea

    Alright. The suggestion of USSJ has been brought up a few times, and I think it's time I put my own little spin on the concept. I think this transformation should be something more temporary than an actual transformation like the ones there are now. Say like, to take something from some of the...
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