1. SA_Gohan

    reporting hacks?

    I was playing esf awhile ago and someone was nice enough to hack me when I started beating them. They changed my name, and I couldn't do much of anything besides move the view very slowly. Any place to report this? EDIT: Quitting evidently doesn't the hack either. Any solutions? Ur.Hate of Ur...
  2. M

    a hacker who hacks himself... REALLY FUNNY :P

    Hey there.. i was reading some security news on some sites when i came across a article of a hacker who hacked himself... it`s really so funny to read. if you want to read it.. go here: http://www.totalillusions.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=328 And some extra notes.. This article must...
  3. A

    um whats all this talk about hacks for esf?

    do people just say other people are cheating because they cant admit they got killed by another player? or are there really hacks for esf if there are what do you look for to tell if people are hacking
  4. K

    esf hacks

    I was wondering if there was any hacks for esf? Not that i want one for my own use, but some times when im fighting someone, ill teleport around behind them, come at them from a wierd angle that they werent looking from or something, and my ki will be nearly full. When i make contact im the...
  5. P

    Everyone hacks Smo's SSJ Goku...

    Since everyone seems to hack Smo's SSJ Goku, someone hack it and make me a non SSJ goku, preferably Smo himself That model is the best goku model I've ever seen in my life Ever.
  6. H

    hacks and cheat programs

    i just wanted to know if any of them are currently out,not for me to use,but i notice some very odd people doing some amazing **** with direct shots from like across the map where the oppenent is very hard to see
  7. ssj999vegeta

    i need photodeluxe link

    can anyone post an adobe photodeluxe link for version 4.0 and dont jus say 2 get it on kazaa
  8. ssj999vegeta

    how me colour hair good?

    im making my first skin right and i wanna know how to get the hair colour right, i tried copying the style another model but it did nt look good,how can i do this?
  9. GoldSaiyan

    CS Hacks.. funny?

    Yes, I know that this thread contains the horrible word "Counter-hackerstrike" Although this game is filled with lame cheats, it can be funny sometimes. I've played on a server, suddenly I saw a team mate staring at the wall and then he walked at the entrance with the crate next to it in...
  10. S

    Modelling Program Features

    Modelling Program Features gmax poly modelling tools = yes box modelling tools = yes particle systems = no rendering system = no biped animation = no (impretty sure as Character studio costs $$) bone animation = yes IK system animation = no (a charatcer studio thing) good...
  11. S

    Where i find ....

    Where can I downloadind 3d max studio ??????
  12. V

    Warez, cracks and hacks

    ANYONE who asks for any form of warez, crack or hack of ANY KIND will be banned from the forums, and possibly get their submask hard-coded into ESF as a BAN. In other words, you'd NEVER be able to play ESF again. Allowing ppl to ask for/exchange warez in our forums makes ALL of us reliable...