1. Mr. Phonso

    Car (can ya gues which?)

    ill keep you all up to date on my progress, *no poly limit!* lets see who can guess which car this is first =P
  2. Wangster

    trigger teleport

    well, im THIS near to finishing my verry first map for esf, its simple, but really big im not telling much about it, cuz just wait till release, but here's my prob, i want to put some teleports in the map, i do know how, but i cant, i dont have the trigger teleport entity, but i do have the...
  3. A

    vegeta beam bug PLEASE help

    when vegeta fire´s a beam, i get a really stretched out version, which looks very funny, and when he is finish firering it, he comes back to normal, can someone help me??
  4. Demi-Shadow

    My first wallpaper

    Go here to view it. Bear in mind, this is the first image i've made at this size so it probably sucks in most peoples eyes.. but i'd like your opinions on it please.
  5. B

    Map pack dissapear?

    Once on, I downloaded a ESF Map pack. But now, I want to download it again, but I can't find it anymore! Can somebody teel me where I can find it?
  6. Wuying Ren

    Picceta Skin :D

    Hi I made a Vegeta skin. That looks like Picceta from Dragon Ball AF: Thats Picceta: Thats the Skin: I did this skin very quick. So its not the best lol