1. Es_Trunks2

    MY SSJ4 Goku reskin

    well,there have been alotta ssj4 gokus released lately and frankly,i dont like any of them :rolleyes: so i made my own,Creds go to logan,and fatmanterror,for their gogeta model(s),and i'm not gonna release this until i get some1 to get rid of the vest on him,milkshape wont let me for some reason...
  2. Demi-Shadow

    Sig for strike, crits please.. AND POST THIS TIME!

    Crits? ok, this is my <counts> 7th sig, it's a different style, and the first one i've put lightning in. Comments, crits, praises etc please. *repost* can someone actualy POST here please?!
  3. K

    Got a new sig

    Needed a new sig host (thanx Lee :devil:) But i tried a grunge. It my first grunge ever and i didn't use any tut's or anything .What u guys think???
  4. SSJ n00b

    model edit help

    shirt look like gray credit to azn
  5. T

    Esf Max Graphics

    Hey I took a look at the screenshots u have on the website, first off On ur SCreenie of ROSAT What is that, i see a sky with clouds and there's ACTUALLY a difference betweent he sky and the floor And some of ur screenies i see shadows and sunlight I have a High end comp I'd like to know how...
  6. R@!D3R

    -]DS[- Website Layout!

    Well I've started to make a layout and here it is What you guys think? If you want to join emial me at [email protected] later
  7. Naz


    Hiya I made a new wallpaper, I hope ya enjoy it small version here grtz NSA
  8. V

    A wee something for the BGmod

    Well, the artwork at the BGmod was suffering extensively, so they asked me to do a few skins for them. This is w.i.p progression of images for a sniper soldier I did for them the other day: I used a grey scale and soft light coloring technique for this character. I drew the face...
  9. Chimpbot

    I want some opinions..

    I felt like making something.. And there it is.. Opinions and comments, please. Bash it, tear it apart, love it. Say what you want about it. :D
  10. Guru_San

    Anyone Got a SSJTrunks Model?

    Hey All, Im looking for ANYONE to tell me where i can get a SSJ Trunks Model with Yellow hair, and NOT the SSJ Script or on the Red Sayain site cause ive checked, Anything would be helpful guys. From Guru-San
  11. J

    Whats wrong with my skins??

    there is something wrong with buu, krillin and gohan skins. How can i fix this or get these skins
  12. Virtigo Seven

    Is the artwork important to ESF?

    How important is the artwork to ESF?
  13. A

    no more doubles

    Yo, i think u should really consider this idea all right here... i think people should be able to change they're players color in this like in normal Half-Life heres sum examples... you could have some gokus with a black (or ne color) Gi and brown skin, or pale skin or sumthin or...