1. Growler

    Some Recent Facebook Graffiti Work

    Hope you like :)
  2. Suh Dude

    Graffiti anyone?

    Someone vandalised our school seriously. Graffiti was everywhere, and marijuana leafs were around the school. What I have found funny was that behind the PE locker rooms, there was a spray paint that said "OwN3D" and of course, it was funny. Now, today in school I dressed up as a CRIP, in...
  3. U

    Ultima2 ~ Graffiti (art?)

    This was my second attempt at anything real on photoshop. And my first attempt at everything except fonts ^_^. Right now it's nothing really. Not sure what i'm gonna use it for. Comments and hard crits would really be appreciated as I really wanna get better. Any comments on the quality...
  4. B

    graffiti sig

    made this one for mystix.. but since he isnt using it, i thought i might create it for me.. did this in photoshop, used 4 fonts (08 underground, subway, writers, brooklyn) dont know why im shoiwng this here.. im just bored :/