1. Mr.Lukyas

    Halfyear grades!

    Serbian 4 English 5 Mathematics 4 German 4 Latin 4 Physics 2 Chemistry 2 or 3 Biology 5 History 2 Geography 4 Art class 3 Music class 4 Psychology 3 P.E. 2 (I skipped a lot :() I.T. 5 ktnxbye (5 is highest grade here btw -.-). Now tell us yours. 3.53
  2. Kaination

    Well... Grades are in D:

    Well, I just got my grades, and boy, did my mom yell. Lets see the line-up... Spanish 1: C PE: A Comp/keyboarding: A Conceptual Physics: C+ Now, I usually get really high B's and A's, just this year im ****in up, so my parents decided to scream at me mercifully for hours. When they...
  3. X

    Tip,its possible to make a normal-ssj-ascendant transformation

    It's all about animating. for example,reanimete goku,and put the ssjhead in the body,then when animating let it pop out,and then he turns ssj3. So u have like 2 transformations in 1,that means u get the power as ssj etc,but ssj3 skin. This way u can do normal-ssj-ssj3,but u cant stay...
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