1. P

    [wip] DBGT Goten

    Credits: Legs: NED (Future Trunks) Head + Hair: Super Vegetto (Gohan) Torso: CrackerJack (Pikkon) This is a model hackjob/skin edit using the Pikkon/Trunks/Gohan models included in the ECX addon. Can someone help me get this in game? I don't know if each character needs to have their own...
  2. Enix


    blehh Flatshaded+wires I have tried to finish a goten model like 30 times, hopefully the 31st time is the charm o/.
  3. Slofreak

    screaming Goten sign !

    whell i got some free time and tryed making a new sign i know i like it rate plizz. the original pic the sign
  4. B

    DB GT Goten

    im thinking of making one? anyone got some good refs or has one already been made?
  5. Holmisen

    goten mdl

    i have loking but i dident foud any goten mdl. this site was one i found. and this its a good mdl but when i do any Sprites he looks so crap )? where ca i found a realy god...
  6. LionHeart

    i need some goten refs pls

    yeah look at the title
  7. J


    Well I decided to do a Goten model, for a few reason... One he is my favorite character and Two there aren't many of them around... So here it is... It may not look like him right now, because his legs are too long... I'll scale everything to the right perportions, after the mesh is whole...
  8. shadowcast


    OK this is what i got started............. I know the polyflow is still trying to get it right:\
  9. DBZhell


    normal ssj
  10. ssj3Viper

    Good Goten Reference

    Because the model i edited, can't be released i'm remaking from scratch, but i only have a Goten ref that's not that great. Now i'm asking if anyone has a good Goten front/side ref please post it here!!! And no on google there where no ref i could use. --------Sorry about my bad...
  11. ssj3Viper

    New Goten face

    Since i didn't give proper credits the first time, here i go: - Darksun for his Goku hair; - Gundam for his Goten body; - the head and the rest to come are 100% SSJ3 Viper (every part of this model was edited in some way or another); Here are the pics:
  12. ssj3Viper

    SSJ3 Viper's brand new Goten

    What do you think of this? This model and mny others will be included in the Wish for Supremacy addon for esf...
  13. john_volkov

    adding Goten and kid Trunks

    well in the serius Goten and Kid trunks where allwase togheter so they culd be add as Goten buddy kid trunks they r special because they know SSJ but noting else (NO FUSION) so baisicly i say just add Goten and Kid Trunks ass buddy so we will have more caracter in the game to chose from maybe...
  14. Theoboy


    Is Goten going to be in ESF 1.3?
  15. E

    Who's Goten model is this?

    I got the image from some peep over ICQ. He said its Goten compatible for ESF. So I'm asking, who's Goten model is this, and is it downloadable? If its not downloadable, who has it, since I would like to trade, the model is just so sexy O_O
  16. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Goten WiP

    Credits go to movento for model, nothing is skinned but pants atm =P
  17. Herms

    Trunks and Goten Clerification

    first off... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FUSION OR GOTENKS SO DON'T EVEN MENTION THE WORD! I think that goten and trunks should be one of the buddies they fight as a team all the time and it just doesnt seem right to have a buddy system without them in this so I just want to know how menny...
  18. M

    Goten [W.I.P.]

    polycount is 2126.crits are welcome.
  19. V

    no Goten :(

    hey i wonder why you guiys didn't add the goten caracter he is cool and litle trunks on esf 1.3 .Well tien is a human goten is a half human and half saiyan so why don't you put goten in esf?????
  20. Growler


    Another attempt at a ref Didnt include the side view arm because i hate modeling with it there, but if u want me to include it, i will.