1. DiebytheSword

    So, who wants to help Sword unlock goodies for Mass Effect 3? (requires facebook)

    Anyone interested in helping me unlock Mulitplayer items in Mass Effect 3? I need you to like the Mass Effect 2 page on facebook and then freind me. After that I send you a request, all you have to do after that is play the Mass Effect 3 demo and link your origin account to facebook. If...
  2. Rayna

    Old goodies.

    I ended up looking through old drawings of mine today and I found a few old favorites. I've been considering picking up drawing again, before I could pass endless hours doing just that and the days just didnt have enough hours for me, in fact I've lost alot of sleep over it too. But somehow I...
  3. I

    New Nintendo goodies

    Some new stuff has been popping up at . Mostly stuff from E3 2004. A few "new" trailers are there too. Two things caught my eye: The Legend of Zelda (GCN) - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN) -...
  4. grOOvy

    A Special Thanks + Release Party Goodies

    Well here is a thread to say 'thank you' to all the people who have worked hard for this release. I have put up my sypnosis and thank-you's on my dev entry. Check it out, you'll also find the release party goodies in there. If you have...
  5. L

    any maps to give

    if u have maps give me the shortcut to download them thanks u know were to put shortcut i hope see ya thanks
  6. F

    Bag O' Goodies

    O.k heres the idea. What do you think if you could pick up objects, like rocks or trees, and you could like hit people back with the trees, and crush them with the rocks! Another idea is if you're hit with a beam that you're cloths rip, and you're lip would start to bleed or something. Well...
  7. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions concept art

    Here's some stuff I'm working on for AD. Half Orc Barbarian Elf Ranger Human Barbarian (female) Human Barbarian (male) Cut and paste for the goodies kiddies. And don't forget this stuff is strictly for AD, no ripping or altering without my permission. Thanks ;)
  8. B

    Where can i get the goodies?

    At the news page you say something about updates. Can I download these files (Maps, Models etc.) or must I wait for the new version?
  9. greentaco

    Artwork Tutorials

    Post all links for Artwork Tutorials in this thread please. Digitexturia - Noah GreenTaco
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