goku or vegeta

  1. J

    going ssj4 with goku/vegeta

    i got this problem.... im kid goku.... i can go ssj3 with him but as soon as i wanne go ssj4 he says "i dont understand, my powerlevel has skyrocketed with my tail being this long" and then he stops talking and he never goes ssj4 :( plz help me i really want to go ssj4 and btw the same with...
  2. S

    I just downloaded a vaggito model

    i just downloaded a vaggito model.. but i dont no where to place it because i have i have cahnged goku and vageta and i dont whant to change those so where can i place him??:cry:
  3. G

    look at my model, who should it be?

    I was making a generic human model, but I was wondering who do you think I should make it into? Goku, Vegeta? so far its like 1100 polys, also is it any good???????? I want to make it vegeta but i dunno