1. AuretheMaster

    Ssj4 Gokou...

    Ok, I've wanted to make a model for a looong time now, I mean like.. Really ive been thinking about it, and well, the reason i havent is because i wouldnt know wtf to do, but im going to take a chance, and make a Ssj4 gokou. BUT, as my starting model, im going to make it DBZ Final Bout style...
  2. X

    Son Gokou Wallpaper

    After 8 hours of work, I have finally finished my wallpaper! Critz please. Or veiw it in your explorer. Son Gokou Wallpaper Sorry for the poor quality. I'm trying to fix that.
  3. X

    Map Request

    Was wondering if someone could make a Planet Namek that looks like the Final Battle with Gokou vs. Frieza. Im talking about Dark/Greyish Sky with a lightning sprite coming down on the map every 5-10 seconds. And if possible it'd be cool to see the lightning light up the characters + the...
  4. HyperSaiyaman

    Excellent Super Saiyan 3 Goku!

    I have an excellent goku ssj3 with an excellent hai if you want it you have to e-mail me or my msn is [email protected] it worth it .
  5. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack

    no this isnt just a bebi vegeta pack:] i'm going to add some other bebi's as well,AND I KNOW vegeta is the only one to become a Bebi(name) but i think it would be cool to have mroe bebi's :D anyway the bebi vegeta i'm putting in the pacdk is on my model edit's page,unlike the opther bebi...
  6. B

    can someone make this ?

    I found this on a website but can someona at least make this pic as a model????? I know this is fake
  7. X

    When Gokou goes SSJ3.... Will he have more attacks?

    It would be really boring if he stayed with Kamehameha+Teleportation after transformation. He should have a Kienzan like Attack. And when he goes SSJ3 you guys should give him Ryu-Ken(Dragon Fist)