1. Reading Rainbow

    Ginyu Force question

    I was looking at the ESF FAQ characters and transformations and I saw this: Ginyu : 1.000.000 (base) Guldo : 2.000.000 Jeice : 4.000.000 Burter : 6.000.000 Recom : 8.000.000 all the characters go from base (weakest) to an ascended version of themselves but here it looks like Ginyu, the...
  2. Hawkman

    Ginyu Force and USSJ Trunks

    After i checked this: I have 2 questions.(I know that this list might be a little old) 1)Why is Captain Ginyu at the bottom? I thought that this dude is the strongest of them all. He is the captain after all...
  3. MikeOfHeaven

    Ginyu body change?

    Is it included or possible?
  4. Sting

    Ginyu Vid

    What we seen in the vid is a taunt idea for captain ginyu?? It really rocks. Looking good guys and keep it up.
  5. Z Power

    Ginyu Lee WHAAAAAOOOOCHACHU!!! Just made me love Ginyu.
  6. Skyrider

    Capt. Ginyu - Kami's Palace Video

  7. S

    Captain Ginyu

    Well I'm sure you've already fixed most, if not all of this but I thought I should report it anyways. When you summon a buddy by ascending then descend your buddy's power level is reset. When you switch with the buddy, descend then ascend and switch back to ginyu, ginyu's power level is now 1...
  8. dman86

    Ginyu Force & Spice Boys

    Title says it all :) Is the Ginyu Force & Spice Boys gonna be added on ESF 1.3 ?
  9. B

    Ginyu body swap

    When i try to use body swap i see his "essence" go into their body but nothing else happens plz help ;( p.s i nearly always get turned into the frog
  10. C

    ginyu problem

    i don't know if the atack where you change your boddies work. when i try to use it the game crashes
  11. F

    help with ginyu

    how can i swith bodies with ginyu :D sorry for my bad englesh
  12. M

    The Ginyu Force | Jeice & Burter

    Ok, I just finished watching Episode 53 (Ginyu Assault). You guys need to put in Jeice and Burter. They're such awesome characters. Especially Jeice with his Fire Crusher ball attack. Love the ginyu music is this episode...
  13. mjam

    The Ginyu Force

    Is the Whole Ginyu Force going to be available? Or just the 4 Ginyu Guldo Recoome Jeice Will burter be available?
  14. KidMan

    Ginyu Frog

    When you become a frog and you die, you stay as a frog when you come back. Also if you charge a gen beam, jump and fire in air, it crashes the server.
  15. Dokutayuu

    Ginyu Tweaks and A16

    Evening all, I've looked through body change's design docs and I have a few contributions to make; * Ginyu's new body should have Body change as in the show, Ginyu was Goku and tried to swap with Vegeta. Makes sense. * Ginyu *COULD* keep his ki colour of purple if possible. Not really...
  16. KidMan

    Concerning Ginyu's Body Switch

    This attack needs to be fixed for the next update release. I've been in too many games were they got ruined from someone making multiple copies of Ginyu, thus causing the server to crash. Please, please, please get this attack fixed so it no longer causes a problem.
  17. ~*Logan*~

    Pick your Form and Ginyu's Body Change

    1) From what I hear after having a talk with Phobes, the powerlevel change option was abused a little too much. Removing that option is a good idea, however, attaining higher forms seems harder with how frequent the server crashes, especially with the new Ginyu "afterimage" abuse. I propose...
  18. KidMan

    Ginyu AfterImage bug

    If you select the afterimage thing with Ginyu and click it, it produces an image. This is nice but you can create up to 300 models and this begins to create major instability. Fps drop immensely and crashes soon follow.
  19. Zeonix

    Ginyu Trans Bug

    I think it's a bug anyway. I got my buddy, Guldo, and I switched to him and killed Ginyu. Then I killed myself. When I respawned, I was still Guldo and couldn't switch back to Ginyu or "trans" into a higher buddy (not that I think it's possible; I was kinda hoping I could descend or ascend back...
  20. DBZhell

    Ginyu Body change....

    could you make that ginyu would have an attack which would give an abillity to swap bodies... like in the show... and if you swap too much times ( 3 or 2 ) you become a frog