1. Damaera


    ♥ YOU BRO
  2. Nemix

    What gift to buy?

    Ok on the 4th June it's my birthday and my friends birthday also. He's one year older than me, and he's a DJ. Here's something he does: And I don't know what to get him for his birthday... I don't want to get him something expensive because I can't afford...
  3. The Deco

    My gift to you Fudge you Tony! I forgot to mention one thing: This isn't a school play BUT it IS a play that was directed by the same guy that directed some video clips to Lady GaGa and other pop artists. The kids that perform are child actors. This...
  4. Dalte89

    Dalte89s Gift, from you

    I love this sooo much, and you guys will love it too. This my friends. Is a gift. A loving gift that is irreplaceable and will eternally bring joy and smiles to our hearts for ever. This is my gift, from the sexiest effects maker in the universe you. I love you all. Here it is...
  5. B

    Having a hard drive for memory. Gift? Or Disorder? This brings up a question I'd like to talk about. Would you find this ability to have super memory to be a disorder, or a gift? I personally would love to have a better memory, as my current memory sucks. I'd love to remember...
  6. Ravendust

    PSP's Give The Gift of Knowledge select schools. Source: Personally I can think of other, cheaper, devices they could use. The PSP has a lot of functions but it's still primarily a gaming/media device.
  7. Zeonix

    Transformers Trailer Reveals Gift From Nix Praise the Nix.
  8. Zeonix

    Immortality: Gift or Curse?

    This thread was brought about by Lionheart's off-hand comment about immortality. Would you want to be immortal? Do you believe a world full of immortals would flourish or eventually stagnate? What would immortality's effect be on society as we know it? Would being immortal be as cracked up as...
  9. T

    Gift of CNX clan TO ESF team and ESF gamers

    by the end of this week we wil host about +/- 10 ESF public servers for 2 weeks as our thnx to the ESF STAFF for this nice game in adition to this we are willing to help ESF team out with the release of 1.3 meaning => hosting ESF1.3 client on our root server ( if they are interested of...
  10. M

    my second gift for esforces + ESF 1.3 file look!! (grOOvy/mastasurf/)

    This is my second gift for esforces :) and i must say that this file look layout is as nice as the other gift i made :) I was thinking of adding a info button to whitch would link to an info page but i wanted to keep it simple. ESF 1.2.x File Look ESF 1.3.x File Look I...
  11. M

    A gift from me to esforces (grOOvy/mastasurf/any admin.. read please)

    Hello. Today i read the latest news on esforces whitch was about the esf fever thing.. i tought if that post was about one year earlyer than i would have subscribed but i`m getting older and esf gets less and lass of my time. Just some examples: serveral months before esf 1.2 was released...
  12. P

    An Early Christmas/Birthday Gift!!!

    Lol god, i could barely breathe or beleive my eyes earlier today, i had compltely lost it. I was not expecting this at all and it just like, totally blew my mind when i saw it. My Mom told me to come outside i was still in my Pajamas and just had woke up and saw My very own new car out in the...
  13. A

    Suggestion on Gift for Girlfriends (Replies from Gurls Preferred)

    Hey, everyone I just registered, but have been viewing posts since the days of beta 1.0. LOL i feel like a big loser makin a thread about dis, but seriously im confused. I finally found a girl I like to have relations with, either than jus foolin around lol, pretty dum i knoe cuz im only 17...
  14. C

    A gift from the gods

    OK, you find a magic lamp and you wish for a powerlevel of 5,000 Your wish is granted by the genie and your teleported to 1 of 2 places Real earth DBZ earth Where would you go and what would you do and what 3 attacks would you want instantly learned and who would be your sidekick (can...
  15. grOOvy

    Gods gift to females... birthday baby?!?!

    Happy birthday, Deverz! :smile: Hope you enjoy your 18th birthday. =] /me gives dev teh birthday baby crown... he's finally growing up :')
  16. H

    God's Gift or Satan's Sick Joke?

    Well, many have asked for this, while others have just thought about it. What am I talking about? A movie. A movie desired by many. That's right, a Final Fantasy VII movie. The game with the best story out of any game/book/movie has become a movie itself. It is scheduled to be released sometime...